Hollywood Pitch

Bleu toured Warner Bros’ backlot in Burbank, where I pitched OneTank to Rhino’s Phil, Louis, and John.  No green light.  No red light.  Some appetite.  Grateful to Phil for the D7 body.  Now to gain traction I need to cobble together a sizzle reel.

Blast from the Past: the circular garden @ the 01:00 minute mark is by the gate we entered in 1997 to broker the remake deal for Polish film Kiler (http://variety.com/1998/film/news/hollywood-pix-snares-kiler-1117435342/) with Barry Sonnenfeld, of Men In Black.

This stealth video was my first attempt to shoot while riding.  Thanks for putting up with the shakiness, sound, and composition.

[stag_video src=””]

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