When your girl’s thirsty… abide.  Just north of Paso Robles we rode onto an oil field, where a curious man in a pickup pulled up and admired Bleu, before letting us know that’s private property.  Oddly none of the dozens of men working along the road in batted so much as an eyelash when we entered.

Today we traveled 323 miles from Oakland to Santa Barbara, where Kimba and Alex took good care of us on the 1st night of our 1st OneTankAdventure.

I’m not the world’s most mechanical guy.  So when I discovered a hose sticking out under Bleu’s engine in the morning, Alex got under her and determined it’s probably just some release

[stag_map lat=”37.85048″ long=”122.23735″ width=”100%” height=”350px” style=”none” zoom=”15″]


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