Tropical Slush under pressure

It dropped down to 1° Celsius / 35° Fahrenheit in the tropics!  Never expected this.  Climbed jungle mountains to 3,000 meters / 9,000 feet and rode for over 3 hours in freezing temps.  Rain gear buried, and everytime I considered pulling over I thought “bugger it, this can’t continue, gotta keep pushin’ on.”

Advice: when you’re freezing and wet, pull over and change gear, regardless of a seriously clicking tock to get down the mountain and off the road before dark.

Rule #1: Every motorcyclist from everywhere in the world warns not to ride at night in Mexico. And with good reason: cattle literally grazing and wandering into your lane; 30cm / 1ft high “tope” speed bumps appearing without warning; washed out roads with sinkholes; cars without lights…


a helmet full of David Bowie got me thru

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