Salvation Behind the Devil's Spine

Every Mexican biker and mechanic I’ve met has been curious, considerate, conscientious, and generous beyond measure.

If ever you’re between Mazatlan and Durango, and in need of an angel in the form of a mechanic, call Alex on +52 (1) 618 141 9985

@ El Salto, Pueblo Nuevo, Durango


Irish biker Keith’s Suzuki DR 650, aka White, was bogging something fierce if and when it would start.

Salvation came in the form of three super nice big Gull Wing riders, Jorgé, Pancho, and Polo. They found the only bike mechanic in El Salto and kindly spent half-a-day helping get Keith’s bike sorted.  Mechanic Alex did 3+ hours of work, removed and cleaned the carburetor and installed new spark plugs, and refused payment. He was sincerely happy to have foreign visitors, and insisted that was plenty compensation. Keith persisted and all were taken well care of.









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